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Powell Gardens

  • to present a collection of native plant species known to occur naturally within a 30 km radius of Quorn.
  • to showcase our local plant species, grown under cultivation, for use in home and public gardens.
  • to preserve and display rare local species and to provide a source of seed and cuttings for future propagation.

Stage 1 is a botanical garden displaying plant species occurring within 20 km of Quorn. Cultivated plants are regularly drip watered, fertilised, mulched and pruned. The 500 or so plants are mostly shrubs, grasses and groundcovers and provide contrast to the neighbouring tall grove of trees and Capowie Creek’s Red Gums.

Stage 2 plans are to develop an arboretum of local trees planted in clumps and the seed will be collected for propagation projects. In partnership with Council, it is proposed that stormwater will be collected and re-used for irrigating the town’s gardens. The 2.5 ha area forms part of the natural drainage area to Capowie Creek (the boundary between Powell Gardens and the Quorn Golf Club). It was previously the town common and used to agist horses and milking cows.

Stage 3 will be the further development of the Capowie Creek bed, as it contains some of the healthiest Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) around the town due to the concentrated water runoff from the streets, despite this region’s relatively light rainfall. Some work has commenced in the creek bed, with removal of Boxthorn and Peppercorn trees, opening up an attractive stand of Red Gums. The creek bed presents picturesque shaded walking paths, and a small seat nestles into the creek bank for the keen ‘birdo’ or the visitor seeking a rest in the cool of the creek. A bird hide has been planned.


Powell Gardens is the product of one man's vision, a small team of dedicated volunteers, and a supportive Council.

The late Brian Powell, AM, with wife Fay, was widely known across northern South Australia for promoting the use of native plants in home and public gardens, especially in arid areas with poor quality water.

Assisted by a small group of enthusiastic volunteers, Brian began work in 2005 to establish a public garden on the former town common. The project was supported by the Flinders Ranges Council and funded with an Australian Open Garden Scheme grant. Since Brian,s passing in 2010, volunteers have con.nued to maintain and develop the garden.

Powell Gardens is within Quorn,s Parklands and alongside Pioneer Park (a 1974 Quorn Apex Club tree plantation, in memory of the district's pioneers). Just inside the gate to Powell Gardens are four rows of eucalypts, mostly Western Australian species, planted as a research project by the Adelaide Botanic Gardens in 1983.

Powell Gardens thanks volunteers and sponsors.


Volunteers are most welcome. Working bees are generally held on the second Sunday and the fourth Thursday of each month from about 9 am till 11.30 am. Contact Geraldine Davis, 0418 447 020 email: glgadavis@bigpond.com

Powell Gardens - 30km radius

ABC TV - Gardening Australia

The ABC TV Gardening Australia program visited Powell Gardens in August 2014 and the information and video of Episode 23 (Series 25) can be found on the ABC Gardening Australia website here: http://www.abc.net.au/gardening/stories/s4072368.htm


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