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The Elected Member contacts below are provided for Council related business only. They are not to be used in any mailing list or for non council business.

Slattery, Peter



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FRC Representation Review

The Flinders Ranges Council undertook a Representation Review process in first quarter of 2013 pursuant to Section 12 of the Local Government Act 1999

The purpose of this Representation Review Report is to:

  1. provide information on the public consultation undertaken on the Representation OptionsPaper and the Representation Review Report and the Council’s response to the issues arising from those submissions made as part of that process; and
  2. to set out—

              I. the proposal for the composition and structure of the Council that the Councilconsiders should be carried into effect; and
              II. an analysis of how that proposal relates to the principles under S26(1)(c) and thematters referred to in S33 of the Local Government Act 1999 (to the extent thatthey may be relevant)

This Final Representation Review Report was adopted by The Flinders Ranges Council at its meeting on the 9th April 2013 (Resolution 075/2013).

The only change recommended in the report was a reduction of Area Councillors from 8 to either 4 or 6 maximum. However the Elected Members voted to retain all 8 Area Councillor positions in the final report which is available here.

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